Throwing the Whole Jewelry Box at Dactylomancy

Dactylomancy is defined as divination using the rings of the fingers. Traditionally it would involve some permutation of a ring suspended by string, hovering over or falling across the alphabet or other symbols which would be interpreted for the message.

Now, I think you have noticed I’m not wholly traditional in my approaches to this blog. (For those of you who somehow hadn’t, well, I guess the cat’s out of the bag now!)

Recently, I was delighted to find a friend of mine was also wandering down a path of his own making when he told me of a divination he had done for another friend. In a moment of inspiration, Ceros gathered the jewelry of everyone at the table, not just rings, but necklaces, bracelets, anything bright and shiny, and used them to give a reading.

Of course I was intrigued by this, and, after a bit of schedule re-working, we found ourselves at a cozy little pub with a name I couldn’t help but think of as a euphemism for an athame.

After we settled in with a couple of drinks and many more laughs, Ceros asked for my jewelry and added his own to the mix. It was good we weren’t just using rings as between the two of us, we only had one. He held the collection in his hands and asked if I had a specific question or wanted to see what comes up. Questions rushed through my mind so quickly they were gone before I could grab them and I couldn’t feel which ones were of most importance, so I agreed to let him see what came up. When he was ready, he released the items onto the table.


What follows is as close to a transcript as my hand could capture:

One piece so far away outside looking in. This piece is a Talisman with an arrow for unlocking creativity

The creativity is outside and pointing to east – To me east is spirituality, the other world

You’re looking through spiritual lens. You’re on the outside looking in

Upside down necklace, wow, Mayan Sun God – illumination of the creative spirit. It is forthcoming – creative outlet still coming. Going to have a breakthrough.

Sun amulet is upside down – between worlds of light and dark – suns on opposite sides, both light and shadow

Creativity will be enlightened but also have to see the other side – pain and dark.

As above so below

All of the purple lines are like roots, the braided cords grow up and down and grow over top of darkness. What is darkness is dimensional.

Pentacle is going to east the same way creativity is. Again there’s a spiritual link to the creative.

The key is not illuminated, can only see part – creative moment not unlocked yet – more to come

Green stone of ring – pointing downward almost the reverse of green shoot growing through earth – this is self-doubt, restraint.  The shoots are going down – blocking of the creative aspect.

He relaxed back in his seat with another “Wow, the Mayan Sun God.” I had missed several of these exclamations in my writing as I had even seen a flash of the image myself and was stunned by it. I sometimes try to set my intentions to be able to share parts of the images as they are being read, but seldom is it so clear.

We talked for a while about our impressions, and I will share a couple here with you.

Firstly, it had been just that evening that I was explaining my blog to another person and detailing how I was using it to practice divination and keep myself writing, but also for a chance at self-introspection. I was trying to step outside too look into things I needed to resolve. But I hadn’t told Ceros any of this before the reading, and his interpretation even went farther than my own description: as Ceros astutely put it, I was using a spiritual lens to do so.

Secondly, in light of my candle wax divination and its images of water and travel, I had been looking into international trips, of which I had two frontrunners. One is to the Caribbean, but it isn’t the usual lounge in the sand with a fruity umbrella drink kind of trip, although I’m sure there would be a bit of that as well. This one explores key Mayan ruins, temples and caves across three countries. It was definitely a trip all about the Mayan Sun God.

Many of the other items he expressed, I am still pondering and while I don’t currently understand them, I hope to recognize them as they unfold.

All in all, I consider this a massive success and a delightful way to add meaning to all that time we take accessorizing in the morning!

Thank you so much Ceros! Sending a big hug your way!


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Supermoon Special

Hi again, everyone! With the Solstice yesterday and a Supermoon today, I felt I had to celebrate somehow.

Tonight I will be watching the moon, but today I am watching the stars – international stars of the silver screen. I’ve seen countless lists of witchy movies  – of which Practical Magic is possibly the closest to what I actually do from the comparison tools Hollywood has given me, but as I said, that’s witchy. We talk divination here, and I have yet to see a list on that, so I felt it was time to create one.

Sure, we have all grown up with images of mediums – have you even stopped to count just the Disney ones? The Wicked Queen and her mirror, Pocahontas and her chats with Grandmother Willow and Wise Old Rafiki snatching particles from the air and declaring Simba is alive. These are just a few, but the divination isn’t prevalent in the movie.

Think of Whoopi Goldberg’s necromantic talents in Ghost, or the Wicked Witch of the West’s crystal ball or Divination class at Hogwarts. Divination exists, but again, it is a side note.

Now let’s hop a pond or two.

I’m a sucker for romance. I should state this clearly. I am completely fine with cheesy, over the top and even formulaic stories as long as I can get that rush. And unfortunately for the home team, Hollywood has not really been taking care of my needs lately, so I have turned to the continent and sub- continent of Asia.

Bollywood captured my heart with not one but two films where divination is key: What’s Your Rashee? and Kismat Konnection.

Rashee is apparently Hindi for Zodiac sign, and the male lead decides to meet one girl from each sign to find his love match. All the girls are played by Priyanka Chopra, who proves herself quite the chameleon in the three-hour piece. It’s long but still sweet.

Kismat Konnection is a cheesy love story where Shahid Kapoor’s character takes his local psychic’s advice to both get the girl and save the day. Shahid is an amazing dancer and easy on the eyes, so I’ll forgive the cheese.

But it isn’t all about Bollywood.  Today I’m watching Fortune Salon from South Korea. It centers around a group of fortunetellers and debates whether you can change your destiny. I’m watching it just to absorb it the first time, but I’ll definitely have to go back to try out some of their methods myself!

I know this isn’t a very long list, but it is a start. Let me know what others you think should be added and, if you would like to see any of the ones I mentioned, I found them on Netflix Streaming.

Happy Supermoon!

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Ceromancy: A New Use for Birthday Candles

Happy Solstice everyone!

Today is the day where I can officially start looking forward to winter. Even though the dog days of summer aren’t quite here yet, I’m a fan of snow. But before I start (snow)flaking out and straying from the topic at hand, I should confess I also have a reason to wish for a quick jump to colder months. I would love to bypass an annual hurdle: Summer Solstice means my personal solar return is right around the corner. The day of dread is ahead. 

I do not like birthdays. I would rather take the day off from work and stay in my pajamas on the sofa than actually face it, but when toying with potential topics, I was inspired by ceromancy to at least face my dislike of birthday candles. Maybe this baby step would make the rest of the event be more palatable.

Ceromancy is divination by wax dripped into water.  Depending on the candle you use, this can be a tedious process. Drip…… drip……. drip…… which can take a while to build up, unless you get quite lucky and the messages start coming after, say, drip three.

 Having done this before, I know I am generally not that lucky. Rummaging through my candle stock I noticed a box of birthday candles which I use when I want something to burn down quickly as opposed to a larger candle for a more sustained effort. I pulled five from the box, choosing one of each color. It felt more balanced that way as none of the colors were particularly jumping out at me.

A word of warning – even though most will land in the water, make sure whatever you decide to drip the wax into is something you don’t mind getting wax on. The thin splashes are harder to remove than a thick layer would be. I used a take-away container.  

I lit a larger candle to focus on during my preliminary grounding and to use to light the smaller candles. I toyed with trying to ground from the birthday candles, but a fear of finding myself calmly noticing my hand catching fire squashed that idea.

Next was finding the question. Birthday candles have long been a tool for folk magic. I surveyed my birthday candles and decided instead of making a wish, I should have them tell me what to wish for in this new year, what I should aspire to have in my life. Five fast-burning wicks later, I was blessed with the pleasant sound: drpdrpdrpdrpdrpdrp.


The impact of the wax on the water caused the droplets to drift, swirl and bond. Suddenly I was looking at a much larger body of water.

I was standing under a sakura tree, feeling a not-quite-warm-but trying April breeze on my cheeks and watching the cherry blossoms floating past on the tiny wake in Washington D.C.’s Tidal Basin. They added life to the cold monuments. A shower of petals began and I brushed my hair out of my eyes.

Now I was in a Yokohama, Japan wandering among the falling plum blossoms, smelling the cypress smoke from the firepits in historic feudal homes. I almost expected to see the spirits of Shoguns walking with me.

I closed my eyes to inhale the scent and opened them to find myself at the edge of Yokohama Bay, an international destination for massive freighters, staring out at the choppy waters, and wondering what else was out there waiting for me in the world. What was waiting across the water?

As I mentally reached out, wondering, the concrete pier gave way to sand. I was standing on the shore of another sea. This time I didn’t know the place from memory but I felt a longing to roam. The scene around me shifted only slightly, but constantly, as I watched. The sand grew coarse then fine. Darkened, lightened. The water changed as well, more blue, more green. Glassy, turbulent.

I have long associated water with emotions, but this felt also of a physical presence. I’m not a strong swimmer – I can do a mean dead-man’s float – but I was convinced in that moment if I was taken by a riptide, emotional or real, I would survive. I just had to go put myself on the edge of it to see for sure.

I was a bit melancholy coming out of the vision. It was a bit like having a visit from the Ghost of Travels Past. I hadn’t really gone exploring much in the last year and now I felt the acute sting of the travel bug. I needed to get out. I needed to see places near the water, and not just still water, like pools or lakes, but ones with a current. I needed both calm and turbulence. I needed the fury and grace of waterfalls. I needed to see the ocean and to cross that ocean so I could stand on far shore knowing what the other side looked like. I needed both perspectives and all the emotional impact that came with it.

So this will be the goal for my new year: I will head for unexplored waters. I will start checking off items on the list of “I should go do that since it isn’t too far away” and find some faraway places too.    

I’ll let you know how it goes. If you have any watery travel suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

Again, Happy Solstice! May the second half of the solar year be better than the first!


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Rumpology: Now You Have an Excuse to Stare

Yep, rumpology. Rumps, as in buttocks, derrieres, bums, kiesters. I’m not making this up. If you think about it, I bet most of you have had something pop into your head when an attractive one goes by (I’m only saying most to make room for any of you who just vehemently denied this experience – unlikely – or if it turns out I have any readers under the age of 10…)

This shouldn’t be too hard of a method to try, right? After all, we all have one. But how do you ask someone to hold still so you can take your time to stare at his or her posterior? I will admit to a significant lack of confidence in my ability to voice that question without freezing or dissolving into a giggle fit, let alone getting a productive reading out of it. So I had to find a way to have access to viewing backsides which wouldn’t move. My solution: the New York City subway. Millions of passengers standing still and I took it every day.

The first step would be finding the right train: too empty and everyone would be sitting. Too full and if I couldn’t get a seat I wouldn’t be able to watch the seats around me.

Second Step: avoiding the obvious perv look: sunglasses, but you needed a sunny day so you could act like you just hadn’t taken them off. A rainy day and you enter perv territory again just by wearing the glasses, especially if your rain gear includes a trench coat.

Third – finding the right fanny. What do you like to watch? Start there. For me, a woman would be an unlikely pick. I’d be more likely to try to assess her wardrobe or debate the etiquette of warning a complete stranger about her visible panty lines. Likewise with men: too attractive of a specimen and the visions would be a completely different type of spiritual moment from one I’m willing to share here.

Now I had my plan; I just had to wait for the moment to present itself. Every time I swiped my metrocard I would try to put myself in a receptive state.

Try 1 an empty train.

Try 2 thwarted by “the man.” How are you supposed to admire let alone divine from, a tuchus covered by a suit coat?

Try 3- Rainy day plus nearly dark out by the time I left the office – neither one allowing for sunglass subterfuge.

Try 4- nearly perfect conditions – until I realized I forgot my sunglasses and I just couldn’t conjure that look that says “I’m not staring at your backside. I’m just zoned out.” Maybe it was the mad smile I just couldn’t stop that I was certain would give me away. I really couldn’t tell you…

Try 5- Success! Sort of. I finally had all the conditions I had asked for, but the butt in front of me was giving me nothing but a squirmy feeling that I was going to have to make sure I was wedgie-free when I exited the train, It was an impressive condition given the jeans had a comfortably worn look, Was it possible to comfortably wear in a wedgie? But I digress…

After that unfortunate incident I gave myself a break from rump hunting.

Then one found me. I actually was staring off into space when I realized that space also included a gray trouser-clad gift. He was swaying with the movement of the train, a fluid motion, no stuttering steps resulting from fighting to stay in a certain place, no shifting of weight between feet to cause changes in position. It was lulling, like an odd siren call pulling me in, telling me to relax, don’t resist, now was a moment to go with the flow, so I did. I was mesmerized. I just let my mind go blank.

I’m not sure how long I stared at this man’s backside. Given the number of stops, maybe 6 or 8 minutes, I just knew my hectic day was melting away. But then the butt moved abruptly. It fled from my field of vision and out the train door. Belatedly I realized this was also my stop and I bolted for the door. I hoped to find him back but had no luck. He had vanished.

I continued on my way home, the feeling of swaying was staying with me, which was helpful as the next step of my commute included a decent delay which didn’t ruffle my feathers one bit. I just went with it.

I don’t know that I would call this one a success, but it was definitely an experience.

I will leave you with this thought: when a rump finds you, go with the flow. You never know where it might lead!


©2013 Denise Fesser. All Rights Reserved.

Complete Gnosis: Tacomancy and a Drink Disaster


In light of a recent viral image and its aftermath, I feel I should begin this post with a disclaimer: to the best of my knowledge, no taco shells were licked in the making of this post. At least I hope none were, especially as I did eat 2 tacos afterward… eww… anyway…

What-o-mancy? No, don’t check the list. This one I made up (but maybe it will make the list someday!). I think you should be able to divine from anything, so why not hot sauce packets?

I’m sure many of you have noticed the quippy little comments on the brightly colored packets from a certain national taco chain. What would they happen to reveal if you requested them with the intention of receiving a message from the Universe? It could be more believable than the justification that the small amounts of lettuce and tomato mixed in with all of the other bad for you but so yummy ingredients magically transform your fast food into health food. At least that’s what I try to tell myself. So I decided to treat myself to a couple of tacos and try it out.

Up until the girl behind the counter asked if I wanted any sauce, the thought “should I really do this?” kept playing in
my head. Suddenly I remembered I had a decision to make: Mild, Medium, or Hot. In retrospect, choosing Medium to use for divination would have made a great pun, but the voice in my head, yelled: “Go big or go home!”

I ordered Hot.

I deliberately asked for the order to go so everything would be in a bag and hidden from view until I was ready. I felt like a kid getting away with something mischievous and by the time I got my purchase and escaped out the door, I’m sure the staff was happy to see the back of the girl with the demented smile.

I grabbed a seat at an outside table and pulled out the tacos, setting them to the side. My hand reached into the bag and my fingers gripped the first packet. Again I asked myself, should I really be doing this? I pulled out the packet and turned it so I could read it.

“Leave no dare undone.”

Really? I pulled the second.

“Leave no dare undone.”

Seriously? The third was the same, and now I was wondering if it counted as divination if they all said the same thing. I pulled the fourth.

“Why say no when you can say yes?”

My demented smile was now joined by insane laughter. I pulled the fifth packet.

“Leave no dare undone.”

Message received! I was now willing to let tacomancy into my personal repertoire. I could feel one last packet in the bag I figured I might as well check it out,

“Things just got real”

Why yes, yes it had. And now it was time, my spirit fed, to eat my actual food before it got any colder. Plus with my mouth full, maybe I’d stop getting odd looks from the passing patrons. I reached for my tacos and had another realization: six packets of sauce? For two tacos? Apparently I look like a girl who can handle her spice!

This lesson came at a good time to bolster my confidence, but sometimes confidence can trip you up. Only a couple of days later I received a picture of a glass with red liquid from a friend with the message “Divine this…”


Of all the places I routinely found myself, sitting on a train with chattering tourists and screaming babies was not one I would normally choose to do a reading. Add to this the fact I was returning from an all-day event in the first big heatwave of the summer, was sunburned, tired and a little tipsy.

So when I saw the message, my addled brain went: sure! No grounding, no clearing and calming breaths. I just dove in and typed back:

“Ok. To start, I’d say you were feeling fairly blah so you went for something colorful. Something about the marks on the edges of the glass and the fact it still has that cold condensation look gives me a frantic hurried feeling, like maybe you drank too fast and got a brain freeze. And the two straws were part of your sharing personality even though you wouldn’t mind having a moment to yourself to get your inner kid tipsy. It seems like if you could have an umbrella in it, you would. It’s an escape from normal.”

I hit send and waited. But while my mind was wandering down some sort of childhood fruit punch path, the response indicated my friend was exploring much more adult avenues.  She was feeling the need to loosen up as Mother Nature had recently kicked her in the gut. And that umbrella drink? It carried a jaunty name involving a finger in a place which would require her inner child to eat a bar of soap.

All in all a fantastic failure, but I hope she had some fun with it. I definitely had a good laugh.

And it is still a good reminder: if you want to ask for messages, set up a strong connection. Otherwise between static and background noise, you’re going to be playing a cosmic game of telephone.

To all of you who want to try something different in divination: leave no dare undone! I’d love to hear about your adventures in SomethingMancy! See you next time!

©2013 Denise Fesser. All Rights Reserved.

Tyromancy: The Start of It All

I owe this blog to Hannibal Lecter. Yep, THAT Hannibal. (Is there another one?)

Hopefully, given the topic I write about, it comes as no surprise that I am fascinated by the visions Will has in the television series, how he sees the events occurring around him almost like a film he can stop, rewind and fastforward. They remind me of some of my own, though to date, I have never received one from an artfully disarticulated corpse and I hope to keep it that way.

But back to Dr. Lecter. I was on the sofa at the time, getting my daily dose of cuddles from my cat when the end result of some clever writer’s inspiration triggered my curiosity. to keep a long story short, I’m going to skip ahead here, but if you want the whole story, it is on the Inspiration page. The key for this entry is the photo my friend sent:


My very first thought was one of confusion, I love cheese. I am quite game to walk up to the counter at my local shop and ask the blonde-yet-Goth-looking gentleman to surprise me. He has a wonderful palette and has yet to steer me wrong, so I have tried several new things.

But this cheese stumped me. I had to go back and ask what kind of cheese it was: Rope cheese.

I had the fleeting thought “give someone enough rope and they’ll hang themselves.” He and his wife were currently rediscovering the addictive world of bingo. Just so long as neither of the two 30-some things had blue hair the next time I saw them, I figured they were pretty safe from any potential hangings.

I still couldn’t shake the sense of confusion though. I could find the ends (assuming there were only two and no one had been eating from the middle) but I couldn’t trace the path of the cheese through the bag. It just quickly dissolved into a jumble. Knowing where their lives were at that moment, with several major life events (changing jobs, family concerns and more) creating many more questions than answers, that jumble fit all too well.

Even as that realization hit me, I realized the cheese also mirrored their solution. Just as they would eat the cheese by tearing away small pieces and untangling it bit by bit, they would resolve the challenges ahead the same way. The process would be long, but by taking small bites, the volume would decrease and the intricacy would not be so overwhelming.

So, Rob, there’s my take on tyromancy and your reading. And I did it all without having to “cut the cheese” once!

As a side note for anyone who can’t think of Dr. Lecter without the infamous line about fava beans and Chianti coming to mind, don’t fret: favomancy and oenomancy are on my short list of topics!

© 2013 Copyright Denise Fesser. All Rights Reserved.

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Libanomancy

I will admit to being very nervous about putting this blog together, and I breathed a huge sigh of relief after I hit the publish button on the first post. Then it dawned on me I had to do it all over again, and this time with a topic. What should I choose? Panic set in. I forced myself to think rationally. So I sat for a minute and mentally walked myself through what I usually did to prepare for a reading:

First – find a comfortable, quiet place where I won’t be disturbed (not as easy as it sounds, especially when my dog and cat want attention).

Second – dim the lights. Yes, I know right now it is beginning to sound like something from a B movie scene, but it helps me focus.

Third – I light a candle, put on some white noise music or burn incense, or some combination of the three for something to focus on while I try to calm my mind.

Fourth – I relax and think about what I am hoping to learn. Oftentimes for me, finding a question to ask is the hard part, but today I already know it: where do I begin? I have several projects, not just this one, I need to continue or start, and let’s just say motivation is not a strength of mine right now. I’m looking for inspiration.

Four steps. That is my method. Simple. Basic.  And enlightening. As I was already using incense, I already had my topic: libanomancy, divination using the smoke or asked from incense.

I wasn’t intending to bore you with a retelling of my actually doing the four events, but as usual, the things I say in jest often manifest themselves. This time these manifestations were my cat and dog.

I have often noticed Osiris, my cat, has a knack for showing up at odd intervals and guiding me when I practice divination. This time he decided my stick incense holder made a good toy and sent it spiraling over the side of the balcony. As I went to retrieve it, the etymology of libanomancy came to mind. The word is actually related to frankincense, which I couldn’t burn using my stick incense holder. Clever cat!

frankincense edit

Soon I was underway and Alex, my dog, took his turn to interrupt, but only because the smoke alarmed him and he wanted out.

Interruptions over, I settled back into the reading.

One note – I always see myself with long, dark hair and wearing one of many red dresses. To me, this is Branwyn, my magical side. Apparently no matter what plane I find myself on, I am still a clotheshorse.

At first I was spinning and then I found myself in a field. The crop was higher than my head and golden in color, like the frankincense I had been watching, though I didn’t recognize it. I started moving forward, getting a feel for this new body, feeling my hair brush the tops of my arms as stray stalks gently tousled it. I reached the edge of the field and pushed the plants apart, my hands holding them so I could look out, but I didn’t step out of the field yet. Something told me to wait.

Under my palms the stalks turned into heavy black curtains and the earth under my feet turned into dark wood flooring. I stepped out of the wings and onto a stage. Dust spiraled in the bright lights and an audience dressed in blues and purples, like the ocean at night, a sea of people, watched me.

I could see myself now, this time my red dress was knee length, a businesslike sheath with cap sleeves. I had taken center stage and was speaking words I couldn’t hear. It wasn’t a theatrical performance. There weren’t any other actors, nor did I seem to be acting. It wasn’t a business presentation. It wasn’t formal like that. It was from the heart, a story or a poem. Something personal.

There the vision ended, but I had the message: It is time to put my words before an audience.

This may seem a bit obvious, given that the whole point to this blog is doing exactly that, but the reassurance calmed my jitters and helped me write. Even with the initial hiccups, I would have to call this one a success!

See you next time!


© 2013 Copyright Denise Fesser. All Rights Reserved.